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Hey, I'm Hasan.

I'm a Motion Graphic Designer based in London.


I'm a passionate designer specialising in creating motion graphics for my clients.


After graduating with a first class degree in Digital Media, I worked as a Motion graphic designer for a small agency in Sheffield. It was at this point I knew I had a real passion for motion graphics and began teaching myself everything there was to know. After working for 6 months I moved back to my home town of London and worked for a agency in Soho. Working here for the next 3 years is where I gained tons of industry experience working with clients and being a key part of the entire motion graphics process.


I'm super passionate when it comes to anything motion graphics. I enjoy working on all parts of the production pipeline from initial brainstorming, story boarding right through to final animation

and sound design.


I love what I do and get a real kick out of creating awesome stuff so if you'd like to discuss a project whether it's motion graphics or design/illustration you can contact me here.

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